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Supercharge Your Crypto Project Launch with Our Influencers Association

Reach Millions in a matter of days 🤯 With 2024BULLRUN Influencers Association's powerful Crypto Influencers!

*All new applications are subject to quality checks.


Welcome to 2024BULLRUN Influencers Association

+4 Million

We are a Premier Association of 20 influential crypto personalities, ready to amplify your project's reach and impact through strategic influencer marketing. With our extensive network and a combined reach of over 4 million followers across Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, we are your key to unlocking crypto success.

Why Choose our Association?

During a bullish market, web3 projects often face difficulties in identifying reliable social media influencers.

2024BULLRUN Influencer Association is here to assist them in navigating the noisy crypto landscape and connecting with a high-quality audience.

A Curated Network

Our association consists of 20 carefully selected crypto influencers, each with a proven track record and an engaged audience. We ensure the highest standards of quality and professionalism, providing you with a trusted network of influencers who will effectively promote your project.


How does it work for influencer members?

limited membership & fair distribution

The 2024BULLRUN association will comprise of maximum 20 members at any given time. Top 20 applicants are selected based on their overall reach and engagement. Lowest ranking members are excluded as stronger members join. Rolling members list ensures clients that the association represents the best of what is possible.

Revenue distribution is fairly calculated based on the average engagement received by each member in their last 10 posts on social media. See example

*All new applications are subject to quality checks.

How does it work for web3 clients?

client dedication & transparent payments

The 2024BULLRUN association works with only one client at a given time. Additionally, emphasis is given that the time gap between promoting different clients is 7 days or more. This results in quality reach where the audience is not bombarded with constant ads, thus ensuring superior engagement.

Payments to an individual influencer are pre-defined and can be verified by influencers independently. Clients can assure the best quality & impact by reaching out to us!

Partner Creators 🤝

Apply to be one here.

2024BULLRUN Member Influencer SkyWee

Sky Wee

  • Twitter
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
2024BULLRUN Member Influencer Sujal

Sujal Jethwani

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
2024BULLRUN Member Influencer CryptoTribe

Crypto Tribe

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
2024BULLRUN Member Influencer CryptoVel


  • Twitter
  • Youtube
2024BULLRUN Member Influencer Shubhrant

Shubhrant Chaudhary

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
2024BULLRUN Member Influencer Shivam

Crypto Universe

  • Twitter
  • Youtube

Platforms for promotion

2024BULLRUN influencers are present across all major global social media channels; and some of them even on regional social media platforms!

  • LinkedIn
  • Blogger
  • Facebook
  • Discord
  • Instagram
  • Medium
  • Flickr
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Telegram
  • TikTok
  • Tumblr
  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp
  • Youtube
  • Xing
  • Clubhouse
  • What are the benefits of being a member of the 2024BULLRUN Influencer's association?
    By joining the Web3 Influencers association, you become part of a collective force that believes in the power of collaboration. Together, we can achieve so much more than we can as individuals. As a member, you gain access to a vibrant community of like-minded influencers, opening doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and collective growth. By pooling our knowledge, experiences, and resources, we can amplify our impact, drive positive change in the Web3 space, and shape the future of influencer culture.
  • What is the process for joining the 2024BULLRUN Influencer's association?
    Becoming a member of the Web3 Influencers association is entirely voluntary. We may occasionally reach out to you with relevant opportunities and updates. However, it's important to note that exclusive access is limited to the top 20 creators at any given time. Rest assured, we strive to ensure that everyone else in the association has ample opportunities to actively engage in projects and collaborations, fostering an inclusive environment where no one feels left out.
  • What benefits do projects gain by partnering with your association?
    Working with our association offers projects a comprehensive range of advantages. We provide a complete package that includes access to influencers, events, and PR activities. By partnering with us, projects can leverage our expertise in managing various marketing activities in-house, offering a streamlined and efficient go-to-market strategy. Furthermore, our extensive network of partners and influencers is readily available, ensuring prompt and effective collaboration whenever needed.
  • How do you leverage influencers and IRL events for Web3 marketing campaigns?
    We collaborate with people from all across Web3 space, carefully selecting those who align with our clients' projects. By leveraging their reach & credibility, we create powerful Web3 marketing campaigns that effectively engage and expand the target audience. Our influencer & IRL partnerships help us to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape in India & beyond.
  • What sets your team apart from other Web3 marketing firms in the industry?
    What truly sets us apart is our team's expertise in Web3 marketing. With a proven track record of executing successful campaigns for various Web3 projects, we have an in-depth understanding of this niche space. We are not just marketers; we are passionate advocates of blockchain innovation and decentralization, striving to make a meaningful impact in the Web3 revolution!
  • What makes your PR facilities stand out and how do they support Web3 projects?
    Our PR facilities are second to none, ensuring Web3 projects receive extensive media coverage across relevant industry channels. We craft press releases, arrange media interviews, and facilitate leadership opportunities to boost the visibility of our clients. With a proactive and results-driven approach, we help you get the best value for your time & money.
  • What are the benefits or perks that I can expect as an IRL partner?
    As an IRL partner, you will enjoy various perks. Perks include equal ownership of the work & incentives based on your expertise. Additionally, all your expenses will be covered, over & above your regular pay. Furthermore, all IRL partners get invited to all our future events, with all expenses covered. Our goal is to foster collaboration and work effectively with numerous individuals and projects, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Who qualifies as an IRL partner?
    IRL partners can be individuals who have effectively built a robust network centered around Web3 within their cities. These partners should possess valuable traits such as expertise in logistics, knowledge of suitable venues, connections with relevant guests, active involvement in local communities, and a penchant for creative thinking.
  • What are the compelling reasons for me to consider Signing up?
    You have been incredibly successful in terms of generating significant numbers. You have not only attracted a large audience and organized the logistics but also handled all aspects of the event from start to finish, often for minimal compensation. Furthermore, thanks to your efforts, projects have been able to raise an impressive amount of $10 - $15 million based on the traction you've generated. Although this is undoubtedly commendable, it's important to acknowledge that nobody is here solely for charitable purposes. We understand that everyone involved seeks fair compensation for their contributions.
  • I have doubts, who do I get in touch with?
    If you have any doubts or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. We are available to assist you and can be contacted here. We will be more than happy to address any questions or uncertainties you may have 😊.
  • What are the advantages of choosing to work with us?
    Choosing us has its perks. We've got a solid track record of delivering results and getting things done. You can count on us to make things happen smoothly 😊
  • What aspects are included or taken care of in an IRL event?
    We take care of everything including guest speakers, food, drinks, merchandise, banners, props, social media assets, comms with attendees, venue selection, event activities, and more... learn more.
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